Reviews from the Revived

“I tried every product on the market when it came to moisturizing my dry, flaky skin – nothing worked. Nothing until I discovered the magic of Ida. The all-natural ingredients have made all the difference in the world for me. Guys, I use this on my body every morning and every night. What a difference it has made for my skin. It was the miracle worker that made me a believer that there really is a body care product that actually works.”
Dan M. 

“I promise if you try this product, you will simply fall in love with it. Ida’s body lotion is the only product that has ever smoothed the rough patches on my elbows. My skin no longer cracks in the cold winter season.”
Tricia S.

“I have been on the hunt for a body care treatment for years. I have tried everything in retail stores, health food stores and spas. Nothing seemed to change the texture or hydrate my skin. Once I tried Ida’s Four Steps treatment using the dry skin brush, body wash, scrub and lotion, I was genuinely hooked! I especially love the lotion; it leaves your skin with a very supple feel and even provides a very attractive light sheen that lasts all day. These products have truly revived my tired skin with a new wonderful glow!”
Cindy V.

“I recently started using Ida’s Four Steps treatment. I swim every day because of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. With swimming comes all the dryness from so much exposure to chlorine. After swimming for years, I developed this horrible dry skin that resembled crepe paper. After using Ida’s treatment, I can happily report my skin looks toned, moist and the crepe paper look has disappeared. The icing on the cake is the way your skin looks and feels. The scent is clean and not overpowering. I would highly recommend any of your products for people who deal with dry skin.
Liz D.

“I’ve been using Ida Body Care products for many years and have found nothing that comes close to how it makes my skin feel. Most lotions I have tried, just “sit” on the skin.  Not Ida!! It penetrates and hydrates my skin. At 57 my skin has never felt better and looked smoother.”
Joan P.

“Finally, I've found a body lotion that keeps up with my active lifestyle. The high quality ingredients in Ida Body Lotion, keeps my body soft and hydrated throughout the entire day.”
Todd H.

“I have brushed my face for years and love the results. Now the Ida body brush provides super exfoliation while not hurting and got my skin ready for the other steps. I now understand why so many Asians brush their skin to beauty!”
Francine G.

“I'll be honest, I wasn't really used to using body lotion before. I had only tried a few store brands and they were just ok. I got some of Ida's body lotion and the smell and texture is just incredible. It really wakes you up with the lemon scent, if you use it in the morning, and it's great on my arms and legs to prep for the cold winter ahead. Really can't recommend this lotion enough.”
Zech B.

“I've been using ida skin care products for 2 weeks and have noticed a significant change in my skin. Each product individually is truly amazing and the combination leaves my skin looking and feeling more healthy and youthful. The rich texture of the moisture lotion and the lovely citrus scent is heavenly. The body scrub is the perfect combination to exfoliate and leave the hint of oil to lock in moisture. I'm in love!”

“My skin feels invigorated and alive after using, especially the sugar scrub. And I’ve never dry brushed before so that is also a new sensation that gets the blood moving. The scent of all the products is very refreshing, and my skin doesn’t feel heavy after using the lotion. Really been enjoying it!”
Breena B.

“To say that I am impressed is an understatement. As a lover of all things beauty, I really thought that I had my routine down pat. Not. At. All. Using this system has left my skin glowing and softer than ever. The skin on my legs is like silk. I have very sensative skin and shaving my legs has always been as issue. This system has even helped with giving me a smoother shave and fewer knicks and cuts. The smell is divine. I even convinced by boyfriend to try the products and he loved them! You have a convert in me.”
Rebecca V.

“I absolutely LOVED the 4 steps. I ordered the larger sizes about a week ago. I have noticed a huge difference in just a few days, my skin feels amazing but also looks so much healthier.… Just a few of my favorite things:

1. The scent: it really blends with your skin and your natural scent, very fresh and not overwhelming to others.
2. The texture: the body wash is creamy but cleansing which I love; the scrub is hydrating and filled with good oils that made my skin feel invigorated and illuminated; and the lotion is super smooth and not sticky -- all of these perks are nearly impossible to find in one brand.
I love the body brush! It is something I have not used before, but so worth it! I usually use products once and find a reason to return or trash them – but not these!”

“I don’t exactly know how to say this...but my sweet husband was the first to notice my softer skin and this guy wouldn’t notice if I moved every piece of furniture around in our house. He literally said, “My gosh, your skin is so soft!” I knew it was nice, but this means the world to me that he would notice!”

“I find the fresh crisp scent of verbena to be a beautiful way to start or end the day. In fact, if I want to freshen up during the day or in the evening before going out, I dampen my skin (arms and décolleté) and reapply this soothing lotion. I massage it well into my skin and it completely absorbs leaving a soft, smooth texture behind, not tacky or oily. I have not found it to transfer to clothing. The 4 steps of this skincare line are addressing my dry scaly skin concerns and I can see and feel the difference after one month's use. It's fabulous! I've told my friends about it and highly recommend it. Thank you Ida Body Care!”
Beth R.

“Absolutely LOVE Ida's body lotion — the creamy texture is extremely hydrating and the scent is so uplifting and energizing. The perfect after-shower must-have body care treatment to keep my skin healthy!”

“It’s not often a new brand impresses me, but Ida Body Care has done just that.  The products perform, smell delicious and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated! Plus, you gotta love the story of Ida!”
Prime Beauty Blog

“Ida’s Body Care Body Wash is creamier than your typical body wash which I love. It lathered up nicely and absorbs quickly into my skin. I could immediately feel the difference in how soft my skin was.”
Beauty Brite

“The third step in the Ida Body Care 4 Step Treatment is their Sugar Scrub, a fabulous scrub that really maximizes hydration. The ingredients include natural sugar and 12 essential oils including anti-aging powerhouses like Avocado oil, Evening Primrose oil and Apricot Kernel oil. Just apply it in a circular motion and then rinse off. I can guarantee you, you will be amazed at your skin after you towel off…it will feel the softest it has ever been.”
Beauty Info Zone

“AMAZING!!! My skin has such a radiant glow, I love this product.”
Pernella C.

“I am very impressed with how all the products have helped my dry skin.  My skin feels soft and it is glowing.  NO dry skin.  Smells amazing.  Easy to use.  Highly recommend that you try these natural products.”
Kerri K.

“Let me just say, I noticed the effects immediately.  It smells amazing. You can smell the essential oils (which I love). My skin felt like it was layered in silk. So soft it felt like velvet. I would recommend IDA to everyone. Love, love, love it.”
Kellie S.

“I love the Ida body care line.  All the products work so wonderfully together.  Ida has a light clean refreshing scent that leaves your skin feeling refreshing, clean and so soft all day long.”
Nancy E.

“I absolutely love how Ida’s 4 Step Treatment leaves my skin feeling.  I have severely dry skin and this product helps keep my skin hydrated and soft all day.  I am thoroughly impressed! I love the idea of dry brushing to help exfoliate your body before you start the other steps. Fabulous idea! The scent is calming and soothing.  A true luxurious “spa “ experience.”
Linda B.

“I recently started using the Ida Body Care 4 Steps.  I am loving every step.  The brush is helping me with my cellulite.  I was so embarrassed to show my legs.  Now they are starting to look toned and soft. The scent is so delicious.  It makes me think that I am in Capri having a limoncello.  I am in love with this fantastic product.  My skin looks healthy, soft and has a beautiful glow.”
Anna S.

“If you want incredible luxurious skin, then I would definitely recommend Ida’s 4 Step Treatment.  It is the Cre’me De la Cre’me of products. Not only does my skin look like a million bucks, it feels like a million bucks.”
Sheri O.

“I have psoriasis myself, and I am a heavy-duty doer. By having psoriasis, I am very selective at the type of products I apply on my damaged skin. When I received Ida's products for the first time, I went gradually, and I loved the citrus smell. After testing for a long period of time, I use at least one of their products per day — if it's not the scrub, it's the lotion. The Four Steps come in a beautiful package where we can see Ida and a personal message. After speaking with Vicki, analyzing the products and testing them, we knew we wanted Ida on our virtual shelves.”
Sonia K. Co-founder, Beautyque NYC

“I LOVE IT. I love the scent, how it makes my skin feel and the improvement in how my skin looks. It is a treat to use it everyday. I feel like I am taking a few minutes to pamper myself. Thank you so much for making a great product!” 
Marybeth R.

“I am obsessed with the dry brush and sugar scrub and my daughters are loving the body lotion. They all smell incredible and they leave your skin feeling like you just left a spa. It's the perfect 4-step treatment! It is truly an amazing product line and I can’t wait for my readers to hear about it.”
Christine J.