• This is not just body care, it’s history.

In this box is a life’s work. It’s not just a product, it’s personal. It’s not just a lotion, it’s history. It's not just made by anyone, it's made by Ida. Ida was our mother and grandmother. She was an incredible force. A woman who never slowed down, and wasn’t afraid to try new things. They say there are no 2nd acts in American lives. Well, Ida had at least 4. She did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to travel the world. And she did a lot of it on her own. It seemed like there was nothing she couldn’t handle (even snakes, we have the pictures to prove it). She was a pillar of her community. Helping folks where they were at. Giving them an ear to listen, a shoulder for support and a bottle of lotion from her kitchen specially made for their needs. We're in awe of her life’s journey. And want to continue her work of helping people care for their bodies—for a lifetime.

In her honor, we started this company using her own original formula of natural ingredients and essential oils. Nothing fake. Just bold ingredients for your body. Specially formulated to revive fatigued skin—skin that’s been doing. Building. Making. Creating. Never stopping—just like Ida. We hope you love it, and in the spirit of Ida, apply it in the same way she lived her life—generously.