See Shop Love Valentine’s Gift Guide: Ida Body Care

February 11, 2021

Valentine’s Gift Guide: Ida Body Care

Ida Body Care was created by a mother and daughter team in honor of their mother and grandmother. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan and from an all-woman team.

*Disclaimer: These products were sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange for an honest review.

Owners Vicki and Nicole created Ida Body Care in honor of Ida, who did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to traveling the world solo multiple times. They use her own formula of natural ingredients and essential oils to create products for fatigued skin.

The Four Steps treatment is the basis of the Ida Body Care line. Ida created this treatment to help revitalize your skin. While all will work well on their own, combining them provides the best results.

The set is available in four ounce and eight ounce options and comes with a Dry Brush, Body Wash, Sugar Scrub, and Body Lotion. The products are scented with Verbena Citrus, which has a zesty lemon and herbal profile. The scent is bright and energizing and smells great in the shower, but the essential oils will dissipate so that you can still wear your favorite fragrance after using the products.

The Dry Brush is the first step in the routine and it helps tighten and tone your skin. The name is self-explanatory: the brush should never be wet. The bristles gently exfoliate the skin, deep clean the pores, and stimulate capillaries to improve circulation. It's best to shower or bathe after using.

The brush felt a little strange at first since I had never dry brushed before but I've heard great things about the benefits. Exfoliation is especially important during the dry winter months. The brush felt like a mini-massage.

The Body Wash comes next. It's a creamy formula made with 13 natural and essential oils, including jojoba oil, argan kernel oil, and sweet almond oil. It lathered up well with my loofah sponge and the verbena citrus scent was so invigorating!

The Body Lotion is actually the last step in the routine, but I included it in the photo with the body wash for aesthetic purposes. This has 18 natural and essential oils, including coconut oil, Shea butter, and sunflower seed oil. The formula is smooth and silky and absorbed quickly into my skin.

The Sugar Scrub is meant to be used third in the routine, after the body wash. It was Ida's secret step to maximize hydration and is made with natural sugar and 12 essential oils, including anti-aging avocado oil, Evening Primrose oil, and apricot kernel oil. Apply it in gentle circular motions and rinse.

I love this scrub! I've used body scrubs with larger exfoliants that were too harsh but this one has a great balance of nourishing oils and sugar crystals. After rinsing, my skin still felt hydrated from all of the essential oils.

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Bottom Line: The Ida Body Care Four Step set would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift for your partner or for yourself! All four products made me feel like I had a spa day at home, and I loved the refreshing citrus scent during the doldrums of winter.

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