The Luxe List - New Year, New Ways: Problem Solvers that Impress

January 31, 2022

A fresh New Year is here and with it comes an opportunity to do so many life-impacting things in new ways. Here are a few true savvy problem solvers across three categories—Fitness, Wellness & Self-Care, and Problem Solvers—that will indubitably impress.

Ida Body Care 4-Step Body Treatment (
Stress and fatigue take a toll on your skin, but there isn’t always time for a trip to the spa or a retreat. So, this New Year bring the relaxation and healing of the spa to your own home (or that of someone you care for) with Ida Body Care’s 4-Step Body Treatment system designed to seal in hydration and soothe fatigued skin. Ida Body Care, a vegan and cruelty-free brand, offers this 4-Step Treatment featuring a Dry Skin Body Brush, Crème Body Wash, Sugar Body Scrub and Body Lotion. Dry brushing helps by gently exfoliating skin, deeply cleaning pores, stimulating capillaries and improving circulation. Helpful tip: Always brush on dry skin followed by a shower or bath for the greatest effect. Just start at the feet and ankles, working up the body using brush strokes in one upward motion toward the heart. Ida’s Crème Body Wash elevates further skin with a formula of natural ingredients and 13 essential oils, including jojoba, argan and sweet almond. For maximum results, use products as a body treatment to rescue dry and damaged skin. Don’t forget Ida’s Sugar Body Scrub, which is the company’s secret step to maximize hydration. Created with a blend of natural sugar and 12 essential oils—including anti-aging powerhouses like avocado, evening primrose and apricot kernel—it stimulates the skin, activating and cleansing it to leave you feeling revived.

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