So She Slays - Sunday Self Care Is Real AF

October 01, 2021

Everyone who knows me knows I love self-care. I've been an advocate for self-care for years. In recent years, it has been essential to me to have self-care in my daily life. It has helped with my mental health and so much more. I've dedicated Sundays to my self-care. I know so cliche, but here is how I do self-care.

I love to get a good workout on Sunday. I typically do four workouts from the Peloton app. I try to focus on core, full-body, arms, and meditation. Yes, I love meditation, and it helps guide me to a peaceful week.

After I do a 50-55 minute workout, I do some dry brushing to get rid of dead skin. This Ida Body Care Dry Body Brush has been great, and I've been doing this technique for years. I’ve seen a change in helping to break down cellulite and stimulating the lymphatic system. I deal with a lot of inflammation in my body so this has been extremely helpful.

Finally, it's time for a bath. Yes, I love a good bath to ease any soreness I will feel after my long workout. I run bathwater and added Apple Cider Vinegar and Mik + Honety BATH SOAK, Nº 08. Apple Cider Cider is essential in detoxing your body. While my bath is running, I love to steam my face with Vanity Planet Aria Facial Steamer and do my skincare.

While in the bath, I love to listen to my Spotify Playlist or My Favorite Podcasts. After a relaxing bath, I make sure to drink my favorite Moon Juice Supplement Magnesi-Om to unstress and relax while catching up on TV.

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