Makeup, Beauty and More - The 4 Steps

August 21, 2020


Ida Body Care is a brand new to me and their 4-step ($50; routine is a great way to achieve smooth skin and pamper yourself. The four step process includes a dry body brush, Verbena Citrus Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion. The scent is mild, yet fresh and zesty. The dry brush is amazing to use, helps with circulation and isn’t too soft or too scratchy. It is also very well made and sturdy. The Body Wash is a lightly foaming body wash that cleanses without stripping skin and is loaded with oils for hydration. The Body Scrub is a sugar scrub that has some amazing oils to moisturize while exfoliating and does not feel too greasy. It does leave a film though and can make the bath tub a bit slippery. The Body Lotion is a lightweight lotion that is great to follow up as the final step of the 4-step routine. Overall, its a great four step routine for smooth, soft skin and a great bath time treat for anyone who loves their bath and body care. Ida products are also vegan and cruelty-free!

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