Prime Beauty Blog Introducing Ida Body Care!

October 18, 2020

Introducing Ida, the body care brand founded by the daughter and granddaughter of Ida, a remarkable woman. Ida did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to travel the world on her own.

Ida also made her own skincare products formulated with natural ingredients and essential oils. The brand specializes in fatigued skin–skin that’s been doing, building, making. We all fit into this category!

Ida created a 4-step treatment to help revitalize your skin. Each product performs on its own, but for best results, use together for soft, smooth, hydrated skin.

Dry Brush – Tighten and Tone

Dry skin brushing is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin without removing the protective mantle of acids and oils. Used throughout history in many diverse cultures, dry skin brushing has been practiced as a preventative for dry skin and a way to exfoliate the body, thus simulating skin renewal.

Start at your feet and move the dry brush over your body with brisk strokes in an upward motion. Dry brushing helps by gently exfoliating skin, deeply cleaning pores, stimulating capillaries and improving circulation. There are even more truly surprising benefits to dry brushing like unclogging the lymphatic system which also helps your body get rid of toxins.

Body Wash – Cleanse

This creamy body wash elevates your skin to a new level of clean with a formula of 13 natural and essential oils including Jojoba oil, Argan Kernel oil and Sweet Almond oil.

Ida believed the proof is in the ingredients. That’s why the brand only uses natural and essential oils. This gentle and creamy body wash is her special formula to cleanse and revive, so you’re ready for what’s next.

The lemon verbena scent is zesty and energizing with a little sweetness. I absolutely love it and I also like that it will disseminate, allowing you to wear your favorite fragrance.

Sugar Scrub – Lock-It In

The Sugar Scrub is Ida’s secret step to maximize hydration. It’s made from a blend of natural sugar and 12 essential oils—the same formula Ida created over 50 years ago. These essential oils include anti-aging powerhouses like Avocado oil, Evening Primrose oil and Apricot Kernel oil.

Not only do I love the lemon verbena scent, but my skin feels absolutely amazing after using this scrub. I was actually surprised that this is a sugar scrub because most sugar scrubs melt off as soon as you put them on not giving you any exfoliation. Ida Sugar Scrub gives me a good exfoliation and lasts until I take it off. My skin feels amazing after using it!

Body Lotion – Soften

Ida developed this lotion with 18 natural and essential oils plus collagen protectors like Coconut oil, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed oil. Its purpose is the same today as it was 50 years ago: to revive your fatigued skin, so you can get back to it. Using the same soft lemon verbena scent, this lotion absorbs well and is NOT greasy–a pet peeve of mine. Apply it in the same way she lived her life—generously.

Each product is sold separately and you can also buy the kit with all 4 products in a 4 oz. size for $50 or 8 oz. size for $80. The kit makes an excellent gift!

Bottom Line: It’s not often a new brand impresses me but Ida Body Care has done just that! The products perform, smell delicious and leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated! Plus, you gotta love the story of Ida!

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