Ida Body Care is not just body care, it’s history.

July 14, 2020

This is Ida… my mother!

A woman who was Bold and Stylish, Timeless and Elegant, So Smart, and believed (before it was even cool) in natural and pure/clean products. Her life was full of stories and “Doing”.  

Ida was the original creator of my Ida Body Lotion. It’s not just body care, it is indeed history. My mother did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to travel the world multiple times on her own.  

My mother passed her formula down to me when I was at the age of “dry skin” and it worked. No more dry and fatigued skin. I took her formula and created an even more natural pure/clean product for the body. I work with eighteen natural ingredients and essential oils in designing my products.  95% of all my ingredients are of natural origin.  

Ida has created a 4 Step therapeutic treatment to help revitalize the skin. Here is how it goes: 1) Dry Brushing to tighten and tone. 2) Crème Body Wash to cleanse. 3) Sugar Scrub for ultimate hydration and 4) Body Lotion to moisturize and lock in all the goodness.  

In her honor, I started this company using her own formula. It’s specially made for fatigued skin—skin that’s been doing. Building. Making. Creating.