Has natural, pure, clean skincare become a cliché?

August 05, 2020

Labels like “natural”, “pure” and “clean” seem to be flooding the packaging of beauty and skincare products like never before. But what do these buzzwords really mean?

First, you must remember that not all “natural” ingredients are safe and not all “synthetic” ingredients are harmful. But what we do want to focus on is the safety of our products for our customers. Keep in mind that our skin is our largest organ, and what is applied topically is absorbed directly into our bodies.

Truly clean products avoid using harmful ingredients like synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and silicones.

Clean skincare manufacturers, like Ida Body Care, choose ingredients for their purity, effectiveness and safety. It is hard to be judge and jury with all the products on the market today, but the clearest way to know you are putting “natural” on your body is to turn the bottle around and examine the ingredient list.

Ida Body Care formulates with 18 natural ingredients and essential oils, all found in our Ida Body Lotion, Ida Body Wash and Ida Sugar Scrub. Each of our products are designed to revive dry and fatigued skin.

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