Beauty Info Zone Four steps to amazing skin with dry brushing

October 16, 2020

If you haven’t joined the dry body brushing club, I urge you to give it a try! Dry brushing does some amazing things both inside and outside of your body. It exfoliates skin, firms skin tone, and helps get rid of cellulite. It also improves your digestion and stimulates the lymphatic system, so your body is better at eliminating toxins. I’ve been using a dry body brush for almost fifteen years now, and it is absolutely wonderful. I recently discovered a terrific option for body brushing with Ida Body Care, who offers a terrific four step kit that covers every step of a great dry body brush routine from dry brushing to skin treatment in the shower to moisturizing afterward.

Ida Body Care’s Four Steps (with 8oz products $80, with 4oz products $50) has everything you need for a complete dry body brushing routine:
• Dry Body Brush
• Verbena Citrus Body Wash
• Verbena Citrus Body Scrub
• Verbena Citrus Body Lotion

A dry brush does so many things for you. It increases your energy level by unclogging the lymphatic system which also helps your body get rid of toxins. if that isn’t enough for you, using a dry brush also tackles cellulite, suppresses varicose veins, and helps keep skin clear from acne.

Dry brushing is easy to do. You don’t use any moisturizer with the brush – hence the ‘dry’ in the name. I use my dry brush twice a day, just before bed and before showering. I brush my entire body from the bottom of my feet to my face (only brush your face if your brush is soft enough). The brush strokes always go toward the heart. It feels incredible and afterward I feel so relaxed and peaceful. My skin is soft and all dry flakes are gone.

Ida Body Care’s Four Steps is the perfect combination of everything you need for the best dry brushing experience from start to end. Of course, you can use each of the four products alone at any time, but when used together they really create the ultimate experience.

The first step is to Dry Brush ($10), which tightens and tones your skin. Start at your feet and briskly brush skin, always going toward your heart. Ida’s Dry Brush hits that sweet spot of not too rough and not too soft. It feels lovely on skin, although whenever you dry brush you want to take extra care with your breasts, decolletage and face. Also, never use a dry brush over wounds or sunburnt skin.

This dry brush should be washed every 2 weeks or so, using hot soapy water then leaving it in the sun to dry. After dry brushing, you will feel wide awake and your skin will feel tingly and soft. While I like to dry brush in the morning and at night, I do think it’s the best experience when you follow your dry brushing with a shower.

The remaining three steps are all Verbena Citrus-scented body products. The scent is gorgeous, a bright, clean scent that isn’t too sharp. I love it in the morning, and the lemony fragrance dissipates quickly so it doesn’t clash with whatever fragrance you choose to wear for the day.

After dry brushing, the second step is Ida’s Body Wash ($22 for 8oz, $12 for 4oz), a lemony, creamy wonder that feels especially lovely on freshly dry brushed skin. It has 13 natural and essential oils, including jojoba oil, argan kernel oil, and sweet almond oil. This is a gentle cleanser that leaves skin super hydrated.

The third step is the Sugar Scrub ($24 for 8oz, $12.50 for 4oz), a fabulous scrub that really maximizes hydration. The ingredients include natural sugar and 12 essential oils including anti-aging powerhouses like Avocado oil, Evening Primrose oil and Apricot Kernel oil. Just apply it in circular motions and then rinse off. I can guarantee you, you will be amazed at your skin after you towel off…it will feel the softest it has ever been.

The fourth and final step is the Verbena Citrus Body Lotion ($24 for 8oz, $12 for 4oz)). This is an outstanding moisturizer that features 18 natural and essential oils plus collagen protectors like Coconut oil, Shea Butter, and Sunflower Seed oil. It’s the final step in an amazing dry brushing routine, and this thick and creamy lotion soaks in quickly and leaves skin unbelievably soft.

With so many benefits, you can’t go wrong with Ida Body Care’s Four Steps. Again, if you’d like you can purchase all the items seperately. Join the dry body brushers of the world with Ida Body Care! You can find everything online at – Lisa

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