BeautyQue NYC - Ida Body Care For Skin That’s Been Doing

January 14, 2021

Ida Body Care formulates natural, clean, pure body products to revive dry and fatigued skin due to climate, genetics, disease, sport, travel, or medication. Their products are a blend of eighteen natural ingredients and essential oils chosen specifically for the body. They've created a therapeutic Four Step Treatment to help revitalize the skin, packed with anti-aging powerhouse ingredients and collagen protectors.

Ida Body Care exists to support doers. Women and men who are doing. Building. Making. Creating. Seizing the moment to create incredible things, businesses, families, and lives that have purpose.

Test By Our BeautyQlub Members

"I am very impressed with how all the products have helped my dry skin. My skin feels soft and glowing. I no longer have my dry skin . Smells amazing. Easy to use. Very refreshing. Highly recommend that you try these great natural products."
Kerri K., BeautyqQlub member

"I recently started using the Ida body care, four Steps, Im loving every step, the brush is helping me with my cellulite, I was so embarrassed to show my legs, now they start to look toned and soft, the scent of the body scrub is so delicious that made me think that Im in Capri having a limoncello, im in love with this fantastic product. My skin looks healthy, soft and with a beautiful glow."
Anna S., BeautyqQlub member

"I love the Ida skincare line, all of them work so wonderful together. It has a light clean refreshing scent that leaves your skin feeling refreshing, clean and so soft all day long."
Nancy E., BeautyQlub member

Approved By Us

"I have psoriasis my self, and I am a heavy-duty doer. By having psoriasis, I am very selective at the type of products I apply on my damaged skin. When I received Ida's products for the first time, I went gradually, and I loved the citrus smell. After testing for a long period of time, I use at least one of their products per day — if it's not the scrub, it's the lotion. The Four Steps come in a beautiful package where we can see Ida and a personal message. After speaking with Vicki, analyzing the products and testing them, we knew we wanted Ida on our virtual shelves."
Co-founder, Beautyque NYC

The Founder Behind the Brand

I have always been a product junkie… looking for the next best thing for my dry skin. Meet Ida Body Care. Ida was my mother and the original creator of my Ida Body Lotion. It’s not just body care, it is indeed history. My mother did everything from repair airplanes during WWII to travel the world multiple times on her own. She passed the formula down to me when I was at the age of “dry skin” and it worked. No more dry and fatigued skin. I took her formula and created an even more natural pure/clean product for the body. I work with eighteen natural ingredients and essential oils in designing my products. 95% of my ingredients are of natural origin.

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